Thursday, 5 January 2012

What Do 'They' Think?

Even without living in domestic discipline I have been self-conscious about the times when Mark has made stern requests of me in front of our friends and families. I felt torn, should I obey like I naturally and normally do or, should I put up a 'tough' in control front? I want to submit and please him but, I feel like others might feel that I am weak and should stand up for myself.

Now that we are beginning our journey into domestic discipline I am worried about other peoples reaction. Mark is not the shy type, the way he is at home is how he is everywhere. Since he is still gone to work and we haven't sociallized since we began this journey I am VERY nervous. I can envision Mark testing my loyalty and commitment to DD...hopefully I am imagining the worst but I will be sure to keep you posted.

Does anyone have experience with open DD relationship? How do the people that know about it react?


  1. Suzie, I haven't had a chance to chat with you on the network yet... check out my blog for a lot of answer to my experiences to questions you asked about. :)

    One of the best pieces of advice i have recieved is to act toward you hubby as if he is already the HoH you desire. So,, in saying I mean be submissive. No I am not always- I struggle too. ha ha its easier to give the advice than to do it myself.

    But really it is easier for him to step up if he can see results and be pleased by the gain. you know what I mean? don't ever be embarrassed by what others think.

    You were made to be your husband's helper= Helpmeet. You have to live with him not your friends or relatives. so please him... :) Its ok really.

    Good luck. And Welcome to Blogland.

  2. I ask him not to scold me in front of people because I would much rather that be a private matter. My friend's and family know that we live with him in charge but I do not share the discipline aspect. I would make it a point to show your submission to him in front of people in a way that shows him how much you respect him. There have been times I was in the wrong and apologized in front of other people. I would rather be seen as a woman who obeys and respects her husband than as a mouthy woman who has to be in control. That being said submission is humbling and that can be uncomfortable at times. But like Pooky said you please him not others. I have gotten to that place where I care more what he thinks than anyone else and that helps put these types of scenarios into perspective.